Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sandy Hook

Hi Everyone!

I'm back!  I'm sorry for being MIA the last two months!  Between moving to our first home and all the fun Thanksgiving/Christmas activities, time completely got away from me! 

On another note:

My heart and prayers go out to everyone at Sandy Hook.  The events are so unthinkable.  It leaves me sad, angry, scared, and speechless.  I can't imagine how scary it must have been, but those teachers not only kept the kids calm, they also did everything in their power to keep them safe.  They put their lives on the line and their students safety above their own.  Those teachers are heroes and protected so many kids.  It breaks my heart that so many families won't have their kids home for the holidays, they won't see them graduate, get married, or have kids of their own, all because of one persons need for attention.  I hope our media will stop giving criminals the attention they desire and instead focus on the innocent lives lost, as well as the amazing heroes that kept that number from being much greater. 



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