Sunday, May 27, 2012

Most Memorable Moment

Heidi from "My (not so) Elementary Life" had this wonderful idea to reflect on our most memorable moment from this year. I can honestly say that from this entire year, one moment always brings a smile to my face above all else.

We were in the middle of reading class, when one of my students told me that they had a bug bite. I looked at it and said "Ouch! That looks like a spider bite." To which one of my adorable children jumped up and announced with 100% seriousness..."Mrs. Cason, IF it were a spider bite she'd be shooting webs all over the classroom. It's an ant bite."

Hands down that was best moment of the year.  Love it!  It is absolutely CRAZY to think I only have 3 and a half more days with this bunch! 


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Home away from home!

Hi everyone, Liv here!

Well, with only 5 ½ more days of school, I decided to start cleaning, organizing, and getting ready for next year. It is amazing how quickly clutter can take over a classroom, but is a good feeling to finally go through piles and get rid of stuff.
Last year the process of end of the year cleaning took so long. This year that time has been cut in half! That is due to the fact that at the beginning of the year I assigned each child a specific job. They went through “training” to learn how to do it correctly and they have been responsible for it all year. When they do their job, they earn classroom money, which they can use to buy special things (i.e. computer time, bringing a stuffed animal, moving their desk near a friend, etc). It has been so wonderful because that is 18 less things I have to remember to do each day, which lets me spend my “breaks”straightening the classroom. Plus let’s not forget that the kids are learning money skills and responsibility at the same time! It’s win-win!

I know I love seeing pictures of other classrooms. It is fun to see how each teacher designs their space. So I thought that since the kids and I just finished our end of the year cleaning, it would be the perfect time to share our room with you!

My classroom!

main instruction area and focus wall

small group area

cubbies and wall of fame

]My 44 book box labels are available in my store for $5 (including stickers for books)
the kid's book boxes and leveled readers

math stations and listening station
Focus wall and storage (blue tubs are for reading and art materials, green are for math and science)

There you have it, a quick view of my home-away-from-home! :-)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Exciting Endeavors!

 Hi everyone, Liv here!

We can probably all agree that reflections are really important in our profession!  How did things go?  What worked?  What didn't?  How can I improve?  I use to ask myself these questions all the time.  Although, lately, with everything that needs to be done, it seems as though these important questions get pushed to the side more often than I'd like.

I decided to join the blogging community to encourage myself to reflect on the classroom each day and to keep pushing myself towards professional development.  I also want to blog so that I can begin collaborating with teachers all over the country, or even the world!  This is such an exciting (and slightly overwelming) endeavor, but I am ready!

I am still fairly new to teaching first grade, but I have already learned so much about the art of teaching from my mom (a veteran teacher), bloggers, creative TpT sellers, and incredible pinners on Pinterest.  I want to give back, share my ideas, continue to learn from you, and show how I use the various products in my TpT store or purchased from others to help my students everyday.    

 Here's a tiny bit about me!
- I taught at a Montessori school for 8 years.  Now I teach first grade in Florida.

- I am certified to teach Elementary Ed (K-6), ESE (K-12), Preschool (Birth-4), Reading (K-6), and ESOL.

- I am the 7th generation of teachers in my family.  I think it is safe to say that teaching is in my blood!

- I love anything that allows me to be creative, especially scrapbooking, web-design, and creating fun games for my students.

-I have an incredibly supportive husband and a sweet westie puppy, named Sadie! 

Those of you on-line who convinced me to take the leap and start blogging---thank you!  I already feel very supported in this new blogging adventure!