Friday, September 28, 2012

Hooray for Apple Day!!

Hi everyone!

Most of the world probably couldn't tell you when Johnny Appleseed's birthday was, but ask a teacher and not only will they know when it is, but they might just celebrate it more lavishly then their own birthday!  I know we do!

This week has been all about apples and I must say, if might just be my favorite week of the year!!  I will apologize now for the number of pictures!  I just love pictures!

(Many of the activities below can be found in my Johnny Appleseed pack on TPT)

We started the week with this fun experiment to determine if there was a way to slow down the browning process of apples.  Each child had their own experiment journal to record their information and they enjoyed being scientists! 


 They wrote reports on Johnny using this planning sheet!
Practiced writing acrostic poems about apples!

 Listed lots of words to describe apples.
We did an experiment to determine if apples sink or float!

 Read the book "Amelia Bedelia's Apple Pie" and did this sequencing activity

Did you know that there are over 7,500 different types of apples???  Well my class was bound and determined to try them all!  Unfortunately time, money, and small stomachs only allowed us to try 8. It was so funny watching their faces as they tried the apples!  The "early" and "golden delicious" won when we graphed our favorites, the "gala" and "granny smith" lost miserably (much to my surprise---I happen to like gala apples!)!   One cool thing I discovered was that my "pampered chef" apple corer sliced almost all of the apples in to 19 wonderfully even 'skinless' circles (perfect my 18 sweeties and myself!).  Once we tasted them we recorded color, texture, flavor, and appeal!  :-)

For the party I had 5 craft stations that the kids.  The kids were able to wander from station to station as they finished.  It was so perfect and their crafts were too precious!
This fun foldable book was great for explaining the apple life cycle!
This labeling activity taught the kids the names of each part of the apple.

 I absolutely LOVE these Johnny's!  I added their Johnny Appleseed reports underneath! Too Cute!
The kids thought the star in the middle of the apple was amazing!  They loved apple stamping! 
We are turning their stamps into a fun little wreath!

These mosaic apples were a wonderful "time-filler" for earlier finishers while I prepared the plates of food!
We all know that no party is complete without food, so to celebrate apple day we had all kinds of yummy apple treats! 
The kids helped me make homemade applesauce which tasted great *and* made the classroom smell amazing!  We also had apple chips, apple breakfast bars, apple turnovers, apple cider, apple juice, and caramel apples.
 The kids also liked getting out of their uniforms for the day and (attempting) to dress like Johnny! They loved their little "pot" hats!  I wish you could see their adorable faces in this picture!  <3
All I can say is hooray for apple day!!!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What is science???

Hi everyone!

This year my students absolutely love science! Each morning they ask "What experiment are we doing today!?" and then sound disappointed when I tell them that an experiment can't happen every day. I love their enthusiasm for exploring and discovering new things, it makes me wish I could actually give them an experiment every day!  Of course, it wouldn't be possible to do one everyday, so we have started doing one each week instead!  :-)  Each child has their own science journal and they love going through the scientific method during our experiments!

We started our year with a "What is a scientist?" unit (inspired from Pinterest).  We read the book "Meet Einstein" and then they brainstormed lots of different words to describe what a scientist is and what they do.  The words they came up with were astonishing!   They put all of their words on this adorable anchor chart.   Once they finished adding words to the class anchor chart they began working on their own personal anchor charts.  They did a really great job!


For our first science experiment they practicing predicting, observing, and recording during a density activity.  We had 7 different liquids of various density's.  They made their predictions, did the experiment, observed the results, and then recorded the results---what fun!

                                                              Here are their predictions!
The results!

Friday, September 21, 2012

500 Followers Giveaway!

Hi Everyone! 

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