Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What is science???

Hi everyone!

This year my students absolutely love science! Each morning they ask "What experiment are we doing today!?" and then sound disappointed when I tell them that an experiment can't happen every day. I love their enthusiasm for exploring and discovering new things, it makes me wish I could actually give them an experiment every day!  Of course, it wouldn't be possible to do one everyday, so we have started doing one each week instead!  :-)  Each child has their own science journal and they love going through the scientific method during our experiments!

We started our year with a "What is a scientist?" unit (inspired from Pinterest).  We read the book "Meet Einstein" and then they brainstormed lots of different words to describe what a scientist is and what they do.  The words they came up with were astonishing!   They put all of their words on this adorable anchor chart.   Once they finished adding words to the class anchor chart they began working on their own personal anchor charts.  They did a really great job!


For our first science experiment they practicing predicting, observing, and recording during a density activity.  We had 7 different liquids of various density's.  They made their predictions, did the experiment, observed the results, and then recorded the results---what fun!

                                                              Here are their predictions!
The results!


  1. Cool! I love that investigation. I like the way you had it recorded.

  2. This is fantastic! I love the experiment, the prediction work, all of it. And that anchor chart is gorgeous, you have great ideas:) Your kids must have loved every minute.

  3. Great ideas. I'm starting our Mad Science club this next Tuesday and was going to start with "What is a Scientist?". Thanks for the book suggestion.

  4. do you have a template for the density worksheets that I could have? I love it!

  5. Hi! I'm sorry for the delayed response! I know you asked forever ago, but due to my daughters health I had to step back for a little bit! I'm back now! :)