Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday/Tuesday!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  As a "thank you" for all of your support, I am participating in the cyber Monday/Tuesday sale on TpT!  Everything in my store will be 28% off with the promo code "CMT12."


Sunday, November 4, 2012

50's Day!

Hi Everyone!

Last week I caught strep throat.  I've had it several times before, but the pain I experienced due to this strain of the illness was unlike anything I have ever felt!   I was completely miserable for 4 days with a 102 temp!  I actually missed 3 full days of school (which I've never done before) was not fun!  

Thankfully I was there to celebrate the 50th day of school, which was a real blast from the past! 

I started that morning decorating the classroom with lots of 1950's inspired decorations.  It really helped set the tone for the day and it was so fun watching the kids faces light up when they walked in that morning!

Each set of tables had a center piece.
During the summer I made poodle skirts for every girl in first grade!  They put their skirts on, I put on my "pink lady" jacket and we were ready to party!
The boy's were a little more simple, they just wore jeans and a white shirt.  I bought inflatable instruments for them so that they would have a special "prop" as well!
We had lots of fun comparing the 1950's to today, counting to 50 in lots of fun ways, and exploring toys used in the 1950's. 
They loved listening to books on "record" 
and we had a hula hoop contest to see who could beat me! 
A couple girls were really good competition. 

For snack we made root beer floats using birthday cake ice cream (since 50's day was also one of my kids birthdays!)

We used Cara Carroll's mini-unit for the float craft 

During writing they wrote about the fabulous fifties and published them on these cute 50's kids!
This can be purchased here!

We ended 50's day with a huge "sock hop" in the cafĂ©!  All of K-2 came to celebrate! 

We had a fabulous day!