Sunday, May 20, 2012

Exciting Endeavors!

 Hi everyone, Liv here!

We can probably all agree that reflections are really important in our profession!  How did things go?  What worked?  What didn't?  How can I improve?  I use to ask myself these questions all the time.  Although, lately, with everything that needs to be done, it seems as though these important questions get pushed to the side more often than I'd like.

I decided to join the blogging community to encourage myself to reflect on the classroom each day and to keep pushing myself towards professional development.  I also want to blog so that I can begin collaborating with teachers all over the country, or even the world!  This is such an exciting (and slightly overwelming) endeavor, but I am ready!

I am still fairly new to teaching first grade, but I have already learned so much about the art of teaching from my mom (a veteran teacher), bloggers, creative TpT sellers, and incredible pinners on Pinterest.  I want to give back, share my ideas, continue to learn from you, and show how I use the various products in my TpT store or purchased from others to help my students everyday.    

 Here's a tiny bit about me!
- I taught at a Montessori school for 8 years.  Now I teach first grade in Florida.

- I am certified to teach Elementary Ed (K-6), ESE (K-12), Preschool (Birth-4), Reading (K-6), and ESOL.

- I am the 7th generation of teachers in my family.  I think it is safe to say that teaching is in my blood!

- I love anything that allows me to be creative, especially scrapbooking, web-design, and creating fun games for my students.

-I have an incredibly supportive husband and a sweet westie puppy, named Sadie! 

Those of you on-line who convinced me to take the leap and start blogging---thank you!  I already feel very supported in this new blogging adventure!


  1. Congratulations on starting your own blog. I just started in March and I can honestly say it has completely changed how I teach. I live in Florida, too! Have fun blogging! BTW, how can I follow your blog? I don't see a "follow me" button. Thanks!

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. Love your new blog! I started a blog in February! I am now a follower! Blogging can be as addictive as TpT!!


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  3. Congrats on starting your own blog. I started in February and LOVE it. It is a good way to unwind and learn. and I agree with Teresa, it can definitely be addictive. I am now a follower :) Good Luck!!!

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging. You will find it fun, challenging, and at times discouraging, but hang in there. It is all worth it!

  5. Thanks ladies! :-) You're all amazing!

  6. I love your new blog Olivia! It is so cute, I love the title. I am now following you!


    Watkins' Way

  7. Welcome to the world of blogging! Love your signature.

    Christi ツ
    Ms. Fultz’s Corner

  8. Welcome to blogging! It's so much fun! :)

    I love your name....I used my last name in my title.

    Come by and visit for a big giveaway at Mrs. Sykes!


  9. Hello blogging buddy! Your blog looks super cute!

    Fourth Grade Garden

  10. I love the name of your blog and creating new activities too! I am a wee bit obsessed with fonts too....ummm close to 2,000 that I have downloaded! =)

    I am happy to be your newest follower and would love for you to come visit me. I am a 1st grade teacher that loves to share encouraging poems about how God uses us in the lives of all of our kiddos.

    Heather's Heart

  11. Love the pink and green! I just started blogging myself last week. Have fun!

    Miss Rebecca

    Keeping it Captivating

  12. Yay for Florida teachers :) Your blog is so cute!! Welcome to the blogging world!


  13. Liv,

    Congratulations on starting a blog! It's a big step and so much fun. Enjoy yourself. I'm also a first grade teacher and your newest follower.


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  15. Hi Liv! I'm also a first grade teacher and blogging newbie. I've seen you in the TPT forums and am now following :)

    Falling Into First

  16. Thanks for all the wonderful support! :-)

  17. Hi Liv! I found you through TPT. I started in mid January, and it has just been an amazing adventure in such a short time. It DEFINITELY makes you reflect and I think it has made me a better teacher because I made the leap (first TPT now blogging). I'm following you on TPT too! I have a bunch of freebies you may like too (both on my blog and on TPT) =)

    Have a great week!
    Rulin' the Roost

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